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Legal to play it safe


The acronym KYC has entered the legal dictionary as an initialism of "know your customer/client", used as a guideline in financial services requiring that professionals periodically verify the identity of a customer or client as well as the legitimacy or viability of their financial operations. It has become a cornerstone of anti-money laundering compliance.

To "know your customer" has become a legal obligation for companies required by law to proceed to a screening of their customer and the intended transactions. However, the KYC function has per se advantages for the company that carries on this process amounts, in short, to assess the customer risk.

We believe that legal advice on business matters should not avoid resorting to similar processes but intended to "know your business partner".

We believe that legal advice shall, as far as possible, extend to knowledge that allows companies to make sound and ground decisions which otherwise would have not only financial or reputational consequences, but also potential legal repercussions.