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Legal to play it safe

Enhanced Legal and ESG Counsel

Our legal review covers analyzing documents before contracts are entered into or when their enforcement is at stake. Our analysis takes into account the characteristics of each legal system and law.

Precautionary legal review is essential to identifying legal risks and preventing financial repercussions.

Similarly, our legal review provides useful inputs in cases of unremedied breaches of contracts. 

Companies often enter into agreements or contracts without a sound knowledge of their counterpart nor of the characteristics of the sector in which they operate and even less of the risks related both to the potential business partner and the particular economic sector.

We help companies with the best information for these purposes and for complying with AML requirements and ESG issues.

the latter by resorting to GEthics advice and solutions.

We advise our clients in every stage of negotiations. Our expertise covers legal aspects of Swiss and third countries, including Brazilian law and what we call 'Brazilian Business Behaviour', that is the 'translation' into Swiss approaches and legal terms of what is meant by Brazilian counterparts' statements and references, business proposals, behaviours as well as manifest commitments.

Our legal advice is recommended to negotiations prior to entering into or amending  contracts or in cases of persistent unremedied breaches of contracts. 

Bedrikow Legal Counsel provides legal advice to the LMR Group in transactions involving Brazilian gemstones, in particular Alexandrite and outstanding jewellery,  and mining opportunities (iron ore, gold and rare minerals, manganese, niobium, tantalum and titanium etc) in Brazil. 

We also provide specific Legal Counsel on Swiss Law.


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